Ahh… the Crisp, Fresh air of Spring

Isn’t it great to open the windows & let the fresh air in at this time of year? Just because it’s earth day doesn’t mean you need to invite all of the outdoors into your home. Some things are better left outside—like flies, mosquitoes & other flying insects not to mention the germs & diseases they carry. It’s amazing how they can find their way into your home through the tiniest openings. That’s why we are perfectionists when it comes to screens. Not only do they need to be in good repair but they also need to fit properly. It’s amazing how many screens out there don’t fit right even though they are the original screens from the factory.

Some companies use the wrong size frame so even though the height & width of the screen is right they still won’t seal off. Other companies are notorious for making their screens the wrong size so you have to bend them just to get them out. At Clearview we take great pride in doing screens right. In addition to our expertise, we also use only the highest quality materials available. We start with a screen frame that is 20% heavier than standard. We assemble it with solid corners that are infinitely stronger than our competitors. We use metal pull tabs that will never break. Even our mesh is stronger than standard bug mesh. You can’t find a better screen any- where at any price. Although we do have a competitor that charges more

We also have an awesome sliding screen door that we promise you’ll never bend or curse. It’s the Cadillac of screen doors. Another great option for doors— both sliding & swinging, is a retractable screen that is out of site & out of the way until you need it; then you simply draw it across & voila— instant screen! They’re awesome!

So this year there’s no reason not to open your windows & doors & let the fresh air in because you know it won’t bring unwanted visitors in with it. For more on our screen products visit:
Give us a call & enjoy the fresh air!