Blind Repair

We have one of the most comprehensive stocks of parts in the Salt Lake valley & we repair almost all types & all brands. We even repair widgets, thingamajigs, turny thingies, what-cha-ma-call-its, that thing that sticks out that broke off etc. etc. all for a fraction of the cost of a new blind. We can also restring most blinds & in many cases even replace broken or damaged slats with new ones. Many repairs can be done on site. Those requiring two trips can often be returned the same day. We make every effort to minimize the “down time” so you don’t have to “live in a fish bowl”.

Do you manage a restaurant & need your blinds cleaned at night? We can handle it! Are you remodeling & need to have your blinds removed & kept off site for an extended period? We can help. We can even reinstall the brackets when you are ready to re-hang them.

Have your windows & blinds cleaned at the same time. You’ll get a better job of both & save time & money to boot! Unlike other companies we don’t wash your windows with Windex & a rag. We are leaders in the window cleaning industry with over 22 years of professional experience. There is a difference! Please visit our window cleaning page for more information.