Commercial Window Cleaning in Utah

Commercial Window Cleaning
Clearview’s Utah Commercial Window Cleaning Division specializes in regular maintenance programs for storefronts, office buildings, restaurants, car dealerships and warehouses in every city and town in the Utah. Making your customers feel comfortable by having a clean well lit environment will improve your overall customer satisfaction and improve your bottom line. Our pro-rated maintenance program brings your business the highest quality of cleaning that only Clearview can offer, at the price of the college kid next door.

Clearview’s Window Cleaning for Businesses is Automated

Our Pro-Rated maintenance program cleans the windows in priority of visibility. This program keeps the monthly cost down while keeping your property looking top-notch. For example, the typical car dealership will have three major areas, show room, offices and service. The show room is the highest priority and even further more the exterior of the show room. Our Pro-rated window maintenance program would clean the showroom exterior two times per month, the show room interior once per month, offices quarterly and the shop twice a year. This program is averaged out over a year so your monthly bill does not change, keeping the accountant happy while your windows sparkle.

Large or Small We Clean all Buildings!

It doesn’t matter if your building has a few windows or a few hundred, we can handle it. We have scheduled routes that service the Salt Lake Valley from up north in Ogden and Layton, all the way down to Orem and Provo. These routes help us be more efficient and pass that time and fuel savings on to you. So no matter how big your space is we can provide a fair price and as always you get the best quality in town.

Our Professional Technique Will Safely Clean Your Windows

Our window technicians are highly trained by the owner Gary with 27 years of window experience and his son Jared who has been at it for over 12 years. At Clearview we realize that ever building has its own unique architecture, which presents a variety of obstacles. We use a combination of extension pole, ladder and water feed pole techniques to safely clean any window, high or low, big or small. At Clearview we don’t believe in just going through the motions, the window isn’t clean until it is spotless. Results Matter, Quality Matters.