Gutter Cleaning in Utah

Gutter CleaningKeeping your gutters clean and draining properly can prevent damage to your home. With Utah’s rough seasons and beautiful trees, cleaning gutters in Utah can be dangerous not to mention a messy & an annoying hassle.  It’s smart to hire a professional.

Dirty Gutters Can Damage Your Home

Your gutters should be cleaned at least once per year, especially if you live near trees. A dirty clogged gutter can cause flow problems causing water to pool up before it reaches the drain. This create two major risks, the mounting weight of wet leaves, mud, shingle asphalt and water deforms your gutter and can even cause them to fall down. Second, once full or frozen over the water from your roof has only two places to go. Over the edge of the gutter damaging your concrete and foundation below or down the back side of your gutter and down the side of your home causing water damage to your siding and Stucco or even at times making it in to your walls and causing water damage and flooding on the interior of your home.

Gutter Cleaning

We thoroughly clean all horizontal runs and make sure the down spouts are flowing freely.  The cost of gutter cleaning is based on the linear feet of gutter, the number of downspouts, as well as other factors such as height, access & the pitch of your roof. A good rule of thumb to estimate cost is $1.00 per linear foot.  Downspouts range from no charge to around $10 each. Additional charges may apply for excessive debris or height.

Gutter Protection

We proudly use Gutter Stuff to provide great long term protection at an affordable price.  Gutter Stuff is priced by the foot and based on the size of your gutters as well as height & access. It ranges from $5 to $8 per foot including installation.  It will literally pay for itself over time.  In order to give you an exact price, we need to do a site assessment and get measurements of your gutters. In addition, your gutters must be clean before we can install Gutter Stuff.  If you have had Clearview clean your gutters within the last 90 days, we will clean them again at no charge.