Screen Repair & Sales in Utah

Screen Repair & SalesWe provide repair & replacement of almost all brands & types of screens. Utah’s spring and fall weather can be beautiful, how ever the out door pests are not as pleasant. We have all types of screens including specialty screens such as pet screens, sun screens & retractable screens. We even have the industries latest advancement – Clear View & UltraVue screen mesh, for screens that are almost invisible. We only use the finest materials in the industry & make sure your screens are sized right & work properly.

Window Screen Repair in Salt Lake and surrounding areas

On window screens we use a heavier gauge frame than others in the business. Oft-times screens bend or break because they were sized wrong to begin with. We have the experience & know how to size them properly. With the correct size & a heavier duty frame your new screens from Clearview will provide years of trouble free service.

Screen Door Repair

Tired of fighting that pesky rolling screen door?  We can replace it with the best screen door on the market; period, amen, bar none!  It’s made of heavy gauge extruded aluminum, steel wheels that roll smoothly & won’t break or jump off the track & sports an attractive, comfortable handle. We promise that it will be the last door you ever buy & you’ll be thrilled with it!

Clear View & UltraVue Screens

Now you can have the best of both worlds – the ultimate protection from flies & insects without obstructing your Clear View. The industries latest advancement is a screen mesh that is almost invisible. You have to see it to believe it & you have to look close to see it!

Pet proof screens

We can even screen your door (& some window screens) with “Pet mesh” that is 7 times stronger than traditional bug mesh. It is almost child & pet proof. We can also install a pet door right in the screen. No more constantly getting up to let your pet in or out. The pet door can also be latched if you want to keep them in or out. Life just got easier.

Retractable Screens

We also offer Phantom® & Roll-Away® brand retractable screens that are ideal for single or double doors where other types of screens either won’t work or would detract from the appearance.  Retractable screens are there when you need them & out of sight when you don’t. They also save on cleaning maintenance.

Sun Control Screens

According to the Department of Housing & Urban Development, “A good way to keep your house cool in the summer is to shade it from the outside. Any way that stops the sun before it gets through the glass is seven times as good at keeping you cool as blinds or curtains on the inside.” Our exterior sun control screens install like an insect screen to help cool your home by reflecting, absorbing & dispersing solar heat & glare before it penetrates the glass in your windows & doors. Not only will they increase your level of comfort but they can pay for themselves over time. Call to learn about the solutions we have available. You can also go to the Exterior Sun Control FAQ’s on Phifer’s web site.


We believe in providing real value for your hard earned money. We never have been the cheapest company in town nor will we ever price gouge. What you can expect is the highest quality in the industry at a fair & competitive price.

Following is pricing for our most common products and services:

  • Re-screen existing window screen – $21
  • Brand new heavy gauge window screen – $36
  • Re-screen existing sliding door – $60 – $80 (most common types and sizes)
  • New light duty sliding screen door  – $99 (cash n carry) $129 Installed (most common sizes)
  • New medium duty sliding screen door  – $189 (cash n carry) $218 Installed (most common sizes)
  • New heavy duty sliding door screen – $239 (cash n carry) $268 Installed (most common sizes)