Window Cleaning Services

Post Construction Clean-up

There is no substitute for experience – especially when it comes to cleaning construction debris from your windows & doors. There are a lot of potential problems that can arise during this process & having a company with 22 years of experience behind them can be priceless! Post construction window cleaning is no place for “low bidder”. The potential damage can outweigh the money you save by 1000% or more. Don’t chance it. Hire a true professional.

Simultaneous Window & Blind Cleaning

Have your windows & blinds cleaned at the same time. You’ll get a better job of both & save time & money to boot! Unlike other companies we don’t wash your blinds with inferior techniques that you could do yourself. We are leaders in the industry with state of the art equipment & over 22 years of professional experience. Please visit our blind cleaning page for more information.


We believe in providing real value for your hard earned money. We never have been the cheapest window cleaner in town nor will we ever price gouge. What you can expect is the highest quality in the industry at a fair & competitive price.

The rule of thumb for residential window cleaning is $4.00 per pane of glass. (This takes into account that you will likely have some high & some low, some large, some small & mostly average size panes.) Window screens are usually $2.50. Sliding door screens are usually $5.00. We charge as we go for removing hard water, paint overspray, cement, stucco, silicone etc. The prices for these services generally run from $1.00 – $2.00 per surface. We have competitors charging twice that much!