Christmas Light Installation in Utah

Make Your Home Shine This Christmas

Make your home the envy of the neighborhood with roofline, tree wraps, and outdoor Christmas wreaths - all installed by experts.
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Installing Christmas Lights in Utah is What We Do

The holiday season is a magical time full of family, friends, and celebrations. Installing Christmas lights on your home will fill you and your guests with holiday spirit every time they see your house. Clearview is one of the best Christmas lighting installers in Utah.

Utah winters can be harsh, making your roofs wet and icy. This can make for dangerous conditions to hang your Christmas lights. Let us take the risk out of decorating for the holidays. To insure reliable service we only install the highest quality LED lights which we custom fit to your home. Let us help you get into the holiday spirit with our Christmas lighting and decor installation services.

Proudly serving Serving Weber, Davis and Salt Lake counties.

Types of Christmas Light Installs We Do in Utah

Over our many years of installing lights we have done a variety of projects from small simple roof-lines to large, complex ones as well as large commercial jobs. We love to set them off with LED lit wreaths and garland to really make them festive.  We are also professionals at wrapping trees with lights.

Whether your project is large or small, we would love to be of service.

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Residential Rooflines

Roof-line lights are the essential lighting feature and we do them right with high quality LED lights that will save energy and last longer than incandescent lights.

Commercial Rooflines

Set your business apart by lighting up your roof-line and adding greenery or other specialty features to bring the spirit of the holidays to your customers.

Tree Lighting Wraps

Lighting trees is an art and we are artist that do them right. We make them look classy and bright.

Wreaths and Decor

Christmas wreaths and lighted garland for railings or columns are our most popular decor choices. We have a full catalog of options to decorate your home for the holidays!

Check Out Some of our Utah Christmas Lighting Projects

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Quality Christmas Light Products

We sell only the highest quality lighting which we custom fit for your home and roofline sections. By installing only the highest quality, we ensure they will last through the season and much longer if you choose LED lights. By selling quality, we ensure our clients are happy and in turn make fewer service calls! It’s a win-win. We buy in bulk directly from the manufacturer, so we can compete with prices you will find at the big box stores and home improvement warehouses.

Lighting Products we Offer:

  • Roofline Lights
  • Icicle Lights
  • Mini Lights
  • Tree and Shrub Wraps
  • Wreaths and Garland
  • C9 bulbs and wire
  • C7 bulbs and wire
  • Brite Ideas products
  • Timers, clips, cords, and other install accessories

Why Trust Us With Your Lighting Needs?

Free Professional Design

We will work with you to make your dream become a reality or create a custom design for any structure or landscape feature using a variety of products, colors, etc.

Expert Christmas Light Installation

We use safe, non-permanent techniques to install each strand of custom fit lights on your home or landscape. With preset timers, you'll never leave the lights on again.

Reliable Service

We’re confident you won’t have any problems, but if you do – we are here for you. Service calls are FREE of charge for all products purchased from us.

Frequently Asked Christmas Lighting Questions

Why should you use custom fit lights?

When you buy generic light strands from the store they come in two sizes, 25’ and 50’. Typically, roofline sections are never in multiples of 25' which leaves you with two options - do you leave a part of your roof blank or do you take the bulbs out of the extra strand and risk getting water damage? With custom lights from Clearview, you get lights which are custom fit to your roofline, so they go on perfectly.

Why should you use LED christmas lights?

LED’s offer three distinct advantages to Incandescent lighting:

  1. Power savings – LEDS use only a fraction of the power that traditional bulbs use - only 10% on average.
  2. Bulb Life – Traditional bulbs last for 3 years on average. Our bulbs even come with an unprecedented two-year warranty.
  3. Durability – LED’s are made with a plastic shell that is more durable than glass. Traditional lights crack when a cold drop of water hits a hot glass bulb.
Do you store the lights for me?

Storage is just another way we take the hassle out of the holidays. Product storage is FREE (excluding oversized items) for 1 year after each install, so next year will be even easier than this year!

Do you take down the lights for me? If so when?

Takedown service is included in the price. We promise we will be just as careful when we remove your lights as we were when we installed them.

Weather permitting, we typically start taking lights down the first business day of the following year and have them all down by February.