Screen Repair & Sales in Utah

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Clearview is a screen repair company in Utah. We are family-owned & operated since 1987. We provide screen replacement and repair for home & business owners throughout the state of Utah. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate!
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Screen Repair & Sales in Utah

Clearview is the home of the highest quality screen products along the Wasatch front. We provide repair & replacement of almost all brands & types of screens from window & door screens to specialty screens such as Sunscreens & Retractable screens. We can even transform a patio or deck into an enclosed screen room where you can enjoy the outdoors without having to put up with flies & mosquitoes.  We have a variety of screen mesh options to achieve any desired result from excellent outward visibility to sun blocking to ultra durability.  We only use the finest materials in the industry & take great pride in our workmanship.

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Our customers love us. Here are just a few of our reviews from Google.

4.2 out of 5.0

Gary spent a lot of time listening to my questions and concerns. REALLY listening and using his professional knowledge he was able to help me figure out exactly what I wanted.   We could not be happier.  Money well spent.

Edye Hahn

We had a very difficult project putting in sun screens on windows with non-90 degree angles and also rehanging our vertical aluminum blinds on a headrail that was not functioning properly.  We are delighted with the result.  Gary's technician was superb.

Susan Farber

Gary came and hammered out 13 screens onsite in 4.5 hours in 90+ heat.  Super impressed with the quality at a very reasonable price.  Highly recommend!

Brad Lavoie

Happily, I decided to pass on the Sam's Club DIY screen...  watching Kent do my installation I quickly realized that I would have been well outside the bounds of my knowledge and equipment to achieve a nice looking and functional unit....

James Westbrook

Types of Screen Products & Services

Utah window screen replacements. 13 screens in a stack

Window Screens

On window screens we use a heavier gauge frame than others in the business. Oftentimes screens bend or break because they were sized wrong to begin with. We have the experience & know how to size them properly. With the correct size & a heavier duty frame, your new screens from Clearview will provide years of trouble free service.

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We can replace screen mesh if the frame is good
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We can repalce the entire screen if the frame is bad

Sliding Screen Doors

Tired of fighting that pesky rolling screen door? We can replace it with the best screen door on the market - bar none! It’s made of heavy gauge extruded aluminum, steel wheels that roll smoothly & won’t break or jump off the track & sports an attractive, comfortable handle. We promise it will be the last door you ever buy & you’ll be thrilled with it!

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We custom make screen doors guaranteed to fit properly
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We have several mesh options to suit your needs
sliding Screen doors

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Storm Doors

Enjoy the breeze and enhanced curb appeal with an unobstructed view. Our best full-glass doors with retractable Screen Away® design let in maximum natural light with the easiest ventilation option available. Decorative bevel glass design enhances curb appeal. Closer features a Hold-Open button that holds the storm door open with a tap of your toe. Double weather stripping delivers superior weather protection. Maintenance-free aluminum frame and overlapping edge seals out harsh weather. Decorative lever handle includes built-in keyed deadbolt lock. Designer screw covers conceal exterior screws for a finished look. QuickFit™ handle sets offer four handle finish options to choose from.

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Built in Roll Screen that is Out of Sight till you need it.
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Hidden Closer for a clean look

Security Screen Doors

With high strength marine grade stainless steel mesh, you can now let the cool breeze in while keeping intruders & bugs out without compromising the appearance of your home with unsightly bars or steel grills. These can be installed on single doors, French doors & even sliding doors. Get maximum security, optimum air-flow, plus insect protection & beauty all in perfect harmony.

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Top Notch Security
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Maximum Airflow
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Curb Appeal
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All in Perfect Harmony
ViewGuard Security Screen Door

Retractable Screens

Retractable screens are there when you need them and out of sight when you don’t so they don't detract from the appearance or your view. They also save on cleaning maintenance. We have retractable screens for windows, single doors, French doors and wide opening doors such as bi-fold and multi-panel sliding doors.  They can also be used to create a screen room.  We carry several brands & models & are sure to have the perfect product for your application.

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Unobstructed View
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Sun Control Screens

Our exterior sun control screens install like an insect screen to help cool your home by reflecting, absorbing, & dispersing solar heat & glare before it penetrates the glass in your windows & doors. Not only will they increase your level of comfort, but they can pay for themselves over time. Call to learn about the solutions we have available.

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Stay cool
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Save Money

Screen Pricing

We believe in providing real value for your hard earned money. We never have been the cheapest company in town nor will we ever price gouge. What you can expect is the highest quality in the industry at a fair & competitive price. Prices are subject to change without notice. Following is pricing for our most common screen products and services:

Window Screens
Rescreen (mesh only)
New screen
Door Screens
Rescreen sliding
Light duty sliding
Medium duty sliding
Heavy duty sliding
Specialty Screens
Pet mesh
High vis mesh
Screen rooms
Sun screens
Power Screens

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We Can Estimate Most Jobs by Phone.

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What to know when choosing a screen repair company in Utah.

If you are looking to have your window screens repaired or replaced on your Utah home there are a few things to consider. From repairing torn mesh, missing tabs or broken corners we can bring your screen back to life and save you money on replacements. If you do need a new screen with a new frame, we can do that too.

How do I know if I should repair or replace my screen?

If the frame is in good shape and only your mesh or tabs are missing or damaged, that is a great candidate for repair. Replacing your window and door screens when they become worn out can provide a few benefits but most importantly, you can reduce your AC bill by opening windows in the spring and fall while keeping bugs out! Weather, sun damage, pet claws, and other elements can add to the wear and tear on your screen and leave it looking shabby or worse, letting insects in. Generally, we recommend replacing your screen if:

  • You have a bent or broken screen frame
  • You have one or more broken corners, especially if the corners of your window screens are made of hollow plastic
  • The screen is either too tight or too loose in the window opening

How can I avoid bending and damaging my screens?

If the frame is in good shape and only your mesh or tabs are missing or damaged, that is a great candidate for repair.

The frame is the foundation of your screen and it has to be the perfect size. If the frame is too big then it will likely get bent when being removed or replaced. If it is too small then it may not seal off properly & could even fall out. Even if the screen is the right width & height if the frame is the wrong size (meaning thickness or depth) then it won’t seal off and it will allow bugs and insects to go right around it.

Sometimes manufacturers use the wrong size frame to begin with and it’s even more common for glass companies to use the wrong size frame when replacing screens because they only stock one size. This is why it is so important to always use a professional screen service in Utah because they are sized to fit perfectly every time!

Why should I use your service instead of other Utah Screen Repair Companies?

We provide repair and replacement of almost all brands types of screens from window and door screens to specialty screens such as sunscreens, screen rooms, and retractable screens.

We work with a half dozen or more suppliers around the country to get the best screen products for your unique situation. We have been repairing and replacing screens in Utah for over 30 years.

We use better materials so that our screens last longer, ultimately saving you money.

We can perform most jobs in Utah on-site in a single day with our customized screen repair vehicles that feature a slide-out repair table and are stocked with multiple frame colors and thousands of parts and accessories.