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Retractable Screens in Northern Utah

Retractable screens offer the best of everything you want – insect protection, visibility, convenience & aesthetics. The screen mesh rolls up inside an attractive low profile aluminum housing when not in use so your view is unobstructed. They also reduce cleaning maintenance & wear.

Retractable Window Screens

Do you have a beautiful view that you don’t want to spoil with a window screen?  Retractable window screens use basically the same design & innovative technology as retractable doors but they work vertically.  They provide great protection from insects but remain out of sight until you need them.

Retractable Door Screens

Retractable screens are conveniently there when you need them, yet out of sight when you don't.  They can be fitted to almost any window or door. They are the perfect solution for front entry doors where you don’t want to detract from the appearance of the primary door.  They also maximize air flow. We proudly sell Mirage® because it is the smoothest operating retractable screen on the market.

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Ultimate Convenience
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Maximum Airflow

Retractable for Wide Openings

Enjoy the view without the insects with the Mirage® 3500 that’s designed for wide-span coverage. This custom large opening screen is the perfect companion to complement your bi-fold and multi-panel sliding doors.
It features mesh retention to achieve a 100% seal to keep bugs out and a preset stop point for convenient entry/exit.
This product can cover openings up to 14' wide & 10' high.

It can also be the perfect solution to extend your living area. Learn more about that here.

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Bigger & Better

The Wizard® VistaView screen is the perfect single-screen solution for openings up to 14' wide & 11' high.  In addition to covering large doors and windows with a single product, operating the screen is done effortlessly with one hand. Smoothly move the screen along its track and engage the hand brake to stop it anywhere along the span for quick easy access through the door.

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Built in brake stops where you want it to.
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Ultra Smooth & Quiet Operation

The Ultimate Large Retractable

The Horizon made by Wizard®, is the only screen on the market that is capable of widths up to 20' with a single unit & a massive 40' with double units. It is also the only screen on the market with an ultra low 1/2" bottom track. It also features a built in brake that allows you to stop the screen anywhere along the track for quick, easy entry/exit without opening a freeway for flies to flood in.

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Ultra Low 1/2" Track
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Covers large openings that no other product can

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Power Screens for Sun / Privacy

Another option to screen in a large multi panel door or any other large opening, is to use a power screen. These screens can enclose an opening up to 24’ wide. For this application they are motorized to provide effortless push button access from inside or outside. There are many standard hardware colors and they come in a variety of mesh/fabric options to suit your needs from insect control to blocking the sun or creating privacy.

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Convenient Push Button Opperation
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Control Privacy, Light & Heat
Rainier Power Screens

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