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How much more would you use and enjoy your porch, patio or breezeway if you didn't have to put up with flies, mosquitos & such? What if you could screen out not only insects but leaves and debris that blow in and even cut down on the dust and dirt? is it sometimes to windy to enjoy but you don't want to close it off completely? what if you could eliminate all of those problems and still maintain such a good outward visibility and airflow that you still feel like you're outdoors?

How many times have you wanted to go out and enjoy your deck or porch but it was unbearably bright? what if you didn't have to wait for the sun to go down to enjoy it?

Whatever the space is and whatever it is that keeps you from enjoying it; we can transform that under used space into our new favorite place to be.

Stationary Screen Structure

Our stationary screen rooms and screen walls are the most affordable way to transform your space into the best of both worlds.  They can be constructed very quickly. Depending on the size and complexity they can usually be completed in a few days to just over a week.The structure is made of maintenance free anodized aluminum extrusion that is strong, durable and will never rust, providing you with years of hassle free relaxation in your new favorite room.They are available in five standard colors which will likely match or complement the existing colors on your home.

Mesh Options

We have a wide variety of screen mesh options to meet any need.  Whether you want excellent outward visibility, or privacy, or shade or if you are concerned about durability or a hybrid of these benefits – we have a mesh to meet your needs.  You can see all of the possibilities on our Mesh Options page.

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Increase The Value Of Your Home

Whether you are transforming an existing space to make it much more useful and enjoyable or if you are adding extra living space to your home; it not only provides you and your family with an improved lifestyle and better standard of living, but also increases the value and salability of your home.

Add Extra Living Space

If you don’t have an existing space to screen in then we can start from scratch and add an additional room where you can enjoy all of the upsides of the outdoors without the downsides.

  • No flies, mosquitoes or insects
  • Less Heat
  • Less Glare
  • Less Wind
  • Less Dust
  • Good to Great Outward Visibility (depending on the mesh)
  • Furniture & other contents will be better protected from the elements.
  • Maintenance free structure

Flexible Spaces

In addition to stationary screen walls, we can also use retractable screens to create a flexible space that can be enclosed when you want it to be an open when you don't. We can also combine a permanent structure with one of our retractable options.

Power Screens

One option is to use vertically retracting screens.  These screens can enclose an opening up to 24’ wide. They can be operated manually or motorized & they come in a variety of mesh/fabric options to suit your needs.  If you just want to keep the bugs out then Tuffscreen is a great option that is very durable. If the objective is to control the intense heat & glare from the sun then we have a wide variety of mesh options that will accomplish that beautifully.  We even have  fabrics that are designed for privacy.

Manually Retracting Screen Wall

Another option is to use screens that retract horizontally.  These are operated manually like a Phantom Legacy screen but are designed for much wider openings.  They are a great solution for a wide opening where you frequently need to go in & out because you can quickly open it just far enough to walk through rather than waiting for a power screen to raise all the way up & expose the entire opening.  The maximum size for a single unit is 12’ W X 10’ H. The maximum size for a double unit is 24’ W X 10’ H