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Cleaning Windows in Utah is What We Do

Window cleaning is the heart of our business, where we have built our reputation and client base. Clearview has experienced every challenge Utah’s unique landscapes and weather conditions can create. We have the equipment and experience to tackle your toughest window cleaning situations no matter where in the Utah counties of Weber, Davis, Salt Lake & Summit Counties you live.

See our window cleaning reviews from Utahns

Our customers love us. Here are just a few of our reviews from Google.

4.3 out of 5.0

Gary spent a lot of time listening to my questions and concerns. REALLY listening and using his professional knowledge he was able to help me figure out exactly what I wanted.   We could not be happier.  Money well spent.

Edye Hahn

We moved into a house in Salt Lake with elaborate original window frames that had been weakened throughout the years. We were worried about damaging the frames ourselves while cleaning so we called Clearview to clean all the windows in the house. The Clearview team arrived on time and were especially careful while cleaning with the old frames. They were professional and polite and I highly recommend their service.

Ryan Roggensack

I was referred to this company and was pretty impressed with their overall work and pricing. I definitely recommend Gary and his teams service.  I live in Murray, and that was not an issue at all.

Abby Fowers

These guys were wonderful! Our windows and blinds were desperately in need of a cleaning. These guys did a phenomenal job and had great customer service. It seems like either the service or the work is lacking in businesses these days, but these guys were great in both areas. We're going to make this a yearly service and we'll definitely be calling Clearview.

Yutana Ekachinda

Types of Window Cleaning Services

Residential Window Cleaning

One of the most cost-effective ways to improve the image and value of your home is to get your windows professionally cleaned. Sparkling windows produce a sense of elegance and pride in your home. It’s amazing how it makes the whole house feel cleaner. Window cleaning in Utah is also the only thing you can do to make your home look better from the outside looking in & from the inside looking out. So whether you are listing your home for sale, have an upcoming event, or just want to brighten your world we can give you a sparkling clear view.

Commercial Window Cleaning

As a business owner or manager, you know the importance of a clean, well-lit environment. Window cleaning creates a great customer experience as well as increases employee productivity. We service all buildings up to 3 stories high. So whether you have a small store front, a large showroom, or an office building we can design a cost effective maintenance program to fit your needs & your budget. Learn more about Commercial Window Cleaning.

Simultaneous Window & Blind Cleaning

Save time & money & have your windows & blinds cleaned at the same time! Unlike other companies, we don’t wash your blinds with inferior techniques that you could do yourself. We are leaders in the industry with state-of-the-art equipment & over 30 years of professional experience. Please visit our blind cleaning page for more information.

Post Construction Window Cleaning

There is no substitute for experience – especially when it comes to cleaning construction debris from your windows & doors. There are a lot of potential problems that can arise during this process & having a company with 30 years of experience behind them can be priceless! Post construction window cleaning is no place for “low bidder”. The potential damage can outweigh the money you save by 1000% or more. Don’t chance it. Hire a true professional.

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72 Hr. Rain Guarantee

Only Clearview offers the peace of mind of a 72 Hr rain guarantee. How can we do that? It’s simple. Contrary to popular belief, rain & snow do not spot windows. They spot the dirt that was already there. It will also spot if there is soap or chemical residue. We use different chemistry & techniques than other window cleaners. That is another reason we are able to offer this outstanding guarantee.

Stop worrying about weather wasting your service
Pro-rated cleaning discounts for 30 days

Glass Protector/Sealer

We have spent years searching for & experimenting with products to protect your glass from the elements, especially hard water. All the time & effort invested has paid off because we have a great product that will provide protection for up to 6 months. Imagine the hard water & other elements just sheeting right off your windows. It’s almost like having a live in window cleaner, but you don’t have to feed him.

Frequently Asked Window Cleaning Questions

What do you charge for window cleaning?

We believe in providing real value for your hard earned money. We never have been the cheapest window cleaner in town nor will we ever price gouge. What you can expect is the highest quality in the industry at a fair & competitive price.

The rule of thumb for residential window cleaning is $5.00 per pane of glass to clean inside & out (this takes into account you will likely have some high & some low, some large, some small, & mostly average size panes). Outside only averages $3.50 per pane. Window screens are usually $2.50. Sliding door screens are usually $6.00. We charge as we go for removing hard water, paint overspray, cement, stucco, silicone etc. The prices for these services are typically $3.00 per surface. Competitors charge twice as much!

Do you offer discounts for recurring window cleaning services in Utah?

We do! For conscientious home owners who understand the importance of proactive maintenance verses reactive cleaning, we offer 20% off for 3 months & 10% off for a full 6 months from your last service date!

Can you tell me more about the rain guarantee for your window cleaning services?

Sure!  Here's how it works. If the weather spots your windows within 72 hours of us completing the job just give us a call within 24 hours of the storm & we will redo the affected windows for free!After that we offer a Pro-Rated Guarantee / Sliding Scale Discount that works like this:

In addition to our 72 hour rain guarantee we also offer steep discounts for our residential customers for up to a full month!
Days 4-10: We will re-clean any exterior windows or doors spotted by weather for 75% off the regular exterior cleaning price.
Days 11-20: We will re-clean any exterior windows or doors spotted by weather for 50% off the regular exterior cleaning price.
Days 21-30: We will re-clean any exterior windows or doors spotted by weather for 25% off the regular exterior cleaning price

Again, just call within 24 hours of the storm & we've got you covered.